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Donnie or Donny is a familiar form (hypocorism) of the masculine given name Donald, Donal or Don.

It may refer to:


Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Donnie Abraham (born 1973), American football cornerback
  • Donnie Allison (born 1939), NASCAR driver
  • Donny Anderson (born 1943), American former National Football League player
  • Donnie Avery (born 1984), American National Football League player
  • Donnie Beechler (born 1961), former driver in the Indy Racing League
  • Donnie Boyce (born 1973), American former professional basketball player
  • Donny Brady (born 1973), American former National Football League and Canadian Football League player
  • Donnie Craft (born 1959), American football player
  • Donny Crevels (born 1974), Dutch race car driver
  • Donny Davies (1892–1958), English cricketer, amateur footballer and journalist
  • Donnie Davis (born 1972), starting quarterback for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in 1993 and 1995
  • Donnie Edwards (born 1973), American football linebacker
  • Donny Grant (born 1976), Costa Rican footballer
  • Donnie Green (born 1948), American former football offensive lineman
  • Donny Gorter (born 1988), Dutch footballer
  • Donny de Groot (born 1979), Dutch former footballer
  • Donnie Henderson (born 1975), American football coach
  • Donnie Jones (basketball) (born 1966), American college basketball coach and former college basketball player
  • Donny Marshall (born 1972), American retired National Basketball Association player
  • Donnie Meche (born 1974), American jockey
  • Donnie Moore (1954–1989), American Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Donnie Nelson (born 1962), general manager and president of the Dallas Mavericks National Basketball Association team
  • Donnie Neuenberger (born 1962), NASCAR driver
  • Donnie Nickey (born 1980), American football safety
  • Donnie Nietes (born 1982), Filipino professional boxer
  • Donnie Sadler (born 1975), American former Major League Baseball player
  • Donny Schmit (1967-1996), American motocross racer
  • Donnie Shell (born 1952), American football strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Donnie Smith (born 1990), American soccer player
  • Donny Toia (born 1992), American Major League Soccer player
  • Donnie Tyndall (born 1970), American head men's basketball coach at the University of Tennessee
  • Donny van de Beek (born 1997), Dutch footballer
  • Donnie Walsh (born 1941), consultant for basketball operations of the Indiana Pacers
  • Donny White, former Virginia Military Institute athletics administrator and baseball coach
  • Donnie Williams (born 1948), American football player
  • Donnie Wingo (born 1960), crew chief for the No. 21 Wood Brothers Racing car

Other fields[edit]

Aliases and stage names[edit]

  • "Donnie Brasco", alias of undercover FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone (born 1939)
  • Donny Goines, stage name of American rapper Donny Scott
  • Donny Montell, stage name of Lithuanian singer-songwriter Donatas Montvydas (born 1987)
  • Donny Tourette, stage name of English singer-songwriter Patrick Brannan (born 1981)
  • Donny Young, an early stage name of American musician and singer Donald Eugene Lytle (1938-2003), better known as Johnny Paycheck


  • Donnie (dog), a Doberman Pinscher known for his penchant for arranging his plush toys in geometric forms