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Donny Correia (April 26, 1980, São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian writer and filmmaker. A graduate of English Translation Skills, he is currently undertaking a master's degree program in History of Art at the University of São Paulo. His research is focused on the use of filmmaking in the works of German avant-garde artist Hans Richter.

Whilst living in London in 2003, Donny Correia collaborated on the London-based Brazilian newspaper, Brazilian News. In 2005, he published his first collection of poems, “O Eco do Espelho”, and since then has taken part in several anthologies and magazines in Brazil and other countries such as Portugal and Mexico.

Since 2005 he has also worked on several projects for promoting poetry and new writers in São Paulo. His second book, “Balletmanco” (2009) is experimental prose with elements of concrete poetry.

As a filmmaker, Donny Correia has produced several videoarts and clips during the past four years, being the most notable ones “Toten”, that was officially selected for the 34th São Paulo International Film Festival, in 2010, and music videos for the songs High Shot (2011) and Macabea (2012), by British band SEVERIN.

Correia worked as the Head of Programmes for Casas des Rosas, one of the most important cultural venues of Brazil from 2005 to 2011, and now occupies the same post at Casa Guilherme de Almeida, an exquisite museum dedicated to preserve de memory and works of Guilherme de Almeida, Brazilian modernist poet and journalist.

Filmography (as writer and director)[edit]

  • Ermo, 1997. 15 min.
  • Anatomy of Decay, 2008. 5 min.
  • Under construction, 2007. 87 min.
  • Brain eraser, 2008. 10 min.
  • Toten, 2010. 13 min.
  • High Shot (music video), 2011. 4 min
  • Macabea (music video), 2012. 4 min.

Books and anthologies of poetry[edit]

  • O eco do espelho (2005)
  • Balletmanco (2009)
  • Punto de Partida, magazine (Mexico, 2010)
  • Anthology El Vértigo de los Aires (Mexico, 2008)
  • Anthology Antologia de Poesia Brasileira do Terceiro Milênio (Portugal, 2008)
  • Anthology DOZE (Brasil, 2006)
  • CULT, magazine (Brazil, 2006)
  • Puçanga, magazine (Brazil, 2006)


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