Donnybrook, Ontario

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Coordinates: 43°50′08″N 81°29′02″W / 43.835653°N 81.483901°W / 43.835653; -81.483901

Donnybrook Cemetery.JPG

Donnybrook was a village in the southwestern part of the Canadian province of Ontario.


Donnybrook was founded in the 1860s on the corner of what are now Huron County Road 22 and the Glen's Hill Road. At its peak, it had a hotel, tavern, general store, a blacksmith shop, a woodworking shop, an Orange Lodge and a church. By the end of the 1890s, most of Donnybrook's businesses were closed. [1] The church survived until 1999, but presently, all that remains in Donnybrook is the church's cemetery.[2]


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