Donut Shop

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Donut Shop
EP by J Dilla
Released June 2010
Genre Hip hop, instrumental hip hop
Label Stones Throw Records
Pay Jay Productions
Producer J Dilla
J Dilla chronology
Jay Stay Paid
Donut Shop

Donut Shop is a 2-disc collection of previously unreleased instrumental hip hop songs by J Dilla, former founding member of Slum Village. The collection was posthumously released in 2010 by joint venture of Stones Throw, the J Dilla Estate, and Serato.[1][2][3]


The collection is made of three previously unreleased instrumentals personally selected by J Rocc from Dilla's archives, which are “Safety Dance”, “Sycamore”, and “Bars & Twists”. The other three unreleased instrumentals are versions of Dilla's productions for Mos Def, Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes. The collection was remastered by Elysian Masters, who mixed and mastered Dilla's Donuts, The Shining, and Ruff Draft albums. Also included are Serato Scratch Live DJ software and two donut slipmats.[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Safety Dance
  2. Sycamore
  3. Bars & Twists
  4. History (Mos Def)
  5. Move (Q-Tip)
  6. You Can't Hold A Torch (Busta Rhymes)



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