Donya ye Bazi

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Donya ye Bazi
Donya ye Bazi The First Iranian Game Magazine.jpg
Cover of Donya ye Bazi 70, February 2010
Editor-in-Chief Babak Namazian
Staff writers [1][2]
Categories Games magazine
Frequency Biweekly
Circulation 20000
Publisher Donya ye Bazi Publication
First issue September 2005
Final issue September 2013
Company Donya ye Bazi
Country Iran
Based in Tehran
Language Persian
ISSN 2008-7810

Donya ye Bazi (also known as DBazi or Donya e Bazi Persian: دنیای بازی‎‎) was an Iranian biweekly Persian-language computer games magazine. [3][4][5]

It was the first official game magazine in Iran established in September 2005 and discontinued in September 2014.[6] It was devoted to reviewing PC and console games and writing about different aspects of the game industry.

Donya ye Bazi was founded by Babak Namazian in September 2005 who is also the chief editor of the magazine. Reviews in Donya ye Bazi were written by its editors and sometimes by freelance writers. One of the main goals of Donya ye Bazi was to support Iranian game developers which are in its infancy.


Donya ye Bazi was first published in September 2005 as a monthly magazine in 32 pages with A4 paper size. At that time it was a magazine to review PC games only. After 13 issues were published, the size of the magazine changed to 31x43 cm (newspaper size) and the number of pages was reduced to 16. After 30 issues of the magazine were published, it turned into a biweekly magazine.

News site[edit]

At third quarter of 2009 the first "Iranian Gaming News Website" was established by Donya ye Bazi's editors.[7] And now it is one of the main references for the gaming medias in Iran.[8]

Game Developing Edition[edit]

Donya ye Bazi: Game Developing Edition was first published at March, 2010. It is a two-monthly journal considering game developing and game industry subjects only. The paper is in 64 pages and A4 size.
Donya ye Bazi: Game Developing Edition includes these parts.
Open View, Post Reviewing a Game, Special Report, Preview, Under the Magnifying Glass, Essay, Technology, The Final Scene.


Donya ye Bazi includes these parts:

  • Game Letters: readers communicate with the journal and their letters are answered in this section.
  • News: the most recent news on computer game world and industry.
  • Preview: introduction of future games.
  • Review: reviews and essays on published games.
  • Brief Review: Brief reviews on published games.
  • Profile: Comprehensive review and criticism of a specific game or famous game series of games in a detailed file.
  • Arcade: introduction of a new arcade game.
  • Flash Back: introduction and review of recent years games.
  • Museum: introduction and review of prominent and influential games of computer games industry which are older than 10 years.
  • Great Ones: introduction of famous game producers and companies of computer games industry.
  • Report: reports from important events of the games world.
  • Game Hardware: review and introduction of hardware and accessories of computer games from mobile phones and Consoles to Graphic Cards and professional Keyboards.
  • Game-Movie: this section teaches how to write a story suitable for a game and provides relevant techniques.
  • Serial: full story of a famous and memorable game is published by installments.
  • Top Ten: Ten top figures or groups from different fields of computer games are (satirically or seriously) introduced in this section.
  • Humor: Talking about different events in the game industry with funny comic strips.
  • Another Word: a separate section relating to network and online games and relevant news and reports.


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