Doo Wopper

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Doo Wopper
The ride at Surfside Pier.
Morey's Piers
Coordinates 38°59′21″N 74°48′11″W / 38.9892°N 74.8030°W / 38.9892; -74.8030Coordinates: 38°59′21″N 74°48′11″W / 38.9892°N 74.8030°W / 38.9892; -74.8030
Status Operating
Opening date August 7, 1998
General statistics
Type Steel – Wild Mouse
Manufacturer Zamperla
Height 35 ft (11 m)
Length 885 ft (270 m)
Inversions 0
Capacity 500 riders per hour
Height restriction 36 in (91 cm)
Trains 5 trains with a single car. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 4 riders per train.
Sponsor Burger King (1998-present)
Doo Wopper at RCDB
Pictures of Doo Wopper at RCDB

Doo Wopper is a steel roller coaster on the Surfside Pier of Morey's Piers amusement park. The attraction appeared along with Rollies Coaster, The Storm, and Shark Bite, one of which are defunct. The Doo Wopper was relocated from the Adventure Pier to Surfside Pier where it replaced the RC-48. A S&S Screaming Swing took the Doo Wopper's former space on Adventure Pier.[1] The Doo Wooper is a wild mouse type of roller coaster. This ride has undulating hills and is a modern version of a classic wild mouse coaster. The ride costs five tickets to ride. Morey's Piers has rated this ride as a moderate type of roller coaster.[2]


Doo Wopper was originally located at the Adventure Pier (formerly Wild Wheels) then moved to Surfside Pier.[1]


The theme of the Doo Wopper is set to the 1950s and has props of a typical drive-thru in a fast food restaurant.


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