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Israeli soldiers with Doobon coats, Bethlehem, 1978

A Doobon coat (Hebrew: מעיל דובון, me'eel Doobon) is a resistant coat, padded nylon cover with cloth lining waterproof outer layer of filling between them isolated synthetic fibers. This coat has a regular hood. This is a coat designed for people who stay outdoors for a long time on cold days, such as soldiers and laborers.


This coat was first produced in 1971 by the Logistics Corps for the Israel Defense Forces soldiers, and is a part of the Israel Defense Forces Mess dress. It replaced the heavy woolen Greatcoat and the United States Battledress coat. The original Doobon coat colors were olive for most soldiers and blue for the air force and navy. These are almost the only colors it comes in, to date, although Khagor ("חגור") Ltd. received a concession to use the brand Doobon for coats sold both to the IDF and to civilians.

Out of the army, this coat is worn mostly by Israelis who have to stay outdoors for long hours on winter time, and by those who belong to Zionist groups that manifest opposing trendy and fashion clothing.[1] The Doobon coat is a sign of Modern Orthodox Judaism[2] and residents of the Israeli settlements,[3] as well as for socialist Zionists, including Kibbutz members.

The Doobon coat symbolizes being an Israeli in the work of various artists, including those of Yehonatan Geffen. In his Ballad of Druze, he rhymed the words Druze (in Hebrew “Droozy” דרוזי) and Uzi, and phrased "Well, with the Doobon and the Uzi, who can see he is a Druze?"

The Argentine Army used this coat during the Falklands War, and produced its own version.

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