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Available in26 languages including: Spanish, American English, British English, German, French and Italian
Alexa rankIncrease 1,133 (December 2016)[1]
RegistrationNot required
Current statusActive
Written inJavascript (through JSF)[2]

Doodle is an online calendar tool for time management, and coordinating meetings. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland and has been operational since 2007. It has offices in Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Belgrade.[3]

Users are asked to determine the best time and date to meet.[4] The organizer then chooses the time that suits everyone and the meeting is booked in your calendar.[5] Meeting coordinators (administrators) receive e-mail alerts for votes and comments. Registration is required to have this function.[6]

In 2014 Swiss media giant Tamedia increased its share in Doodle to 100 percent.[7] Doodle released its Android and iOS apps in 2014.[8] They also passed the 20 million monthly user benchmark.[9]

Doodle acquired Meekan in 2016. Meekan is a chatbot developed in Israel. Meekan uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to schedule meetings. Doodle has since begun to integrate this technology into their products.[10]

In 2016, Doodle was used by over 180 million unique users in 175 different countries.[11]

Doodle interacts with various external calendar systems. Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal can be utilized with Doodle to track dates. Google Maps may also be used to share the location of the event.[6]

Similar popular competing products, which may collectively be designated as "date matchers", include Dudle[12] (Free Software maintained by the TU Dresden),[13] ScheduleOnce, Tungle (which ceased 3 December 2012), TimeBridge (ceased), WhenIsGood, Framadate,[14] Xoyondo,[15] or LetsMeetOn.[16]


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