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The Doodle Bug was a motor scooter built from 1946 to 1948[1] by the Beam Manufacturing Company[2] of Webster City, Iowa.[1] They were sold through the Gambles store chain to compete against Cushman scooters being sold under the Allstate brand by Sears.[2] Gambles sold the Doodle Bug under the "Hiawatha" name.[3]

Doodle Bugs were powered by 1½ hp engines from Briggs & Stratton or Clinton.[1][2] The Doodle Bug Standard Model B was the only Doodle Bug series powered by Clinton engines; one thousand or less of these were built, all during the first production run of ten thousand scooters. All other Doodle Bug scooters, including the Standard Model A that was produced alongside the Model B during the first production run, used variants of the Briggs & Stratton NP engine. Four production runs of ten thousand scooters each were built.[1]

An annual reunion of Doodle Bug owners and restorers is held in Webster City.[4][5]


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