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Doogie White
Doogie with Tank at Sweden Rock Festival, 2009.
Background information
Born (1960-03-07) 7 March 1960 (age 57)
Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, power metal, neo-classical metal
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1984–present
Labels I w wic
Associated acts La Paz
Midnight Blue
Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force
Praying Mantis
Rata Blanca
Demon’s Eye
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock
Stardust Reverie Project

Douglas "Doogie" White (born 7 March 1960) is a Scottish rock vocalist, who has sung for La Paz, Midnight Blue, Rainbow, Cornerstone, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Praying Mantis and Rata Blanca. He is currently the vocalist for the Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock, his original band La Paz and Demon's Eye.

Early life and career[edit]

White was born in Motherwell. He formed La Paz with guitarist Chic McSherry in 1984, playing around Scotland for four years and releasing two albums on cassette,[1] before in 1988 joining melodic rock combo Midnight Blue, cutting one album (released on Zero Records exclusively in Japan).

A trip to Japan in 1991 singing with Praying Mantis in a NWOBHM revival tour followed.[2]


After a demo tape forwarded to Ritchie Blackmore's management a few years earlier sat in a box for a few years, Candice Night discovered it and presented it to Blackmore when he was looking for singers to audition for Rainbow. Consequently, White was asked to audition for Rainbow, subsequently joining the band in 1994.[3] He had also auditioned for metal bands Pink Cream 69 and Iron Maiden, losing out to Wolfsbane's Blaze Bayley.

To indicate how quickly his fortunes had changed in the year since meeting Blackmore, when Rainbow played the Labbatt's Apollo in Hammersmith, London in November 1995, he joked with the audience that the last time he was at the venue only a few years before, he was selling hotdogs in the lobby.

Just before the Rainbow job, White had been busy laying down tracks with Cozy Powell and Neil Murray for a solo Powell project.

Other professional activities[edit]

After the end of the Rainbow in 1997, he then worked with former Midnight Blue guitarist Alex Dickson with the intention of securing a solo deal. Sessions on several tribute releases were next, the Whitesnake tribute Snakebites, and several tracks included on 666 – Number of the Beast a two-volume tribute to Iron Maiden out on Deadline. White also guested on Nikolo Kotzev's conceptual Nostradamus 2001 release.

A contribution to Royal Hunt bassist Steen Morgensen's solo project Arrival (under the moniker Cornerstone) was released in late 2000. A further series of albums were produced this time with White's creative input. White also joined Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, touring through South America in late 2001, while Attack (2002) was White's first studio effort with the Swede.

Once Upon Our Yesterdays was the next Cornerstone album, and a set of dates for the band across Europe marked their live debut. In 2003, White was once again hired by Praying Mantis to provide vocals for half of the songs of their album The Journey Goes On.

In 2005, White fronted another Malmsteen opus, titled Unleash The Fury. In this year, he also recorded an album with guitarist Bill Liesegang under the Liesegang/White moniker. He also put together a part-time band with Mostly Autumn personnel monikered White Noise. A DVD from their support stint in the UK with Uriah Heep featured a live airing of "Tarot Woman" as well as other Rainbow tracks.

Doogie White performing with Michael Schenker Group (MSG) at Kavarna Rock Fest 2012

In 2007, the fourth Cornerstone album, Two Tales of One Tomorrow was released. Later the same year, White replaced Tony Martin as the frontman of the German band Empire. Empire released their fourth album Chasing Shadows in November, with White handling all vocal duties. On 26 February 2008, White announced on his website that he would no longer be a member of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force.

On 20 December 2008, White was announced to be the new singer for NWOBHM band Tank.[4] Tank's first album with White as lead singer is titled War Machine and was released in October 2010. In 2009, White was performing with La Paz again, as well as Tank. He has also recorded the vocals for an English version of the latest album by Argentinian rockers Rata Blanca.[5]

He performed with Jon Lord twice, stepping in for Lord's regular singer Steve Balsamo. On 1 September 2009, White sang vocal parts in Lord's Concerto for Group and Orchestra at the opening night of the Fall Arts Fest in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. On 23 June 2010 he performed with Lord again, this time in Luxembourg during the Classic Rock Night with Big Band Opus 78.[6]

In 2010, White participated in a tribute album titled Mister Bolin's Late Night Revival, a compilation of 17 previously unreleased tracks written by Tommy Bolin prior to his death in 1976. The CD included other artists such as HiFi Superstar, Eric Martin, Troy Luccketta, Jeff Pilson, Randy Jackson, Rachel Barton, Rex Carroll, Derek St. Holmes, Kimberley Dahme, and The 77s. A percentage of the proceeds from this project will benefit the Jackson Recovery Centers.[7]

In 2011, White released an album with original material with German band Demon's Eye, titled The Stranger Within. White released his first solo album, titled As Yet Untitled in October 2011. He also completed an album of new material and reworked old songs with his first band La Paz. This album was called Granite and was released in February 2012.[8] Tank released a second album with White on vocals, War Machine, in 2012. A La Paz album with all new songs titled The Dark and the Light was released in May 2013. White has recently recorded an album with Michael Schenker titled Bridge The Gap, to be released in November 2013.[9] He is currently recording an album with Vinny Appice, Marco Mendoza and Iggy Gwadera.[10] In 2015, White released another album with Demon's Eye, titled Under The Neon and collaborated in the second Stardust Reverie Project album titled Proclamation of Shadows singing the tunes "410 Chelsea Street" and "Bring me the Hat of the Wizard from the West" (Doogie appears in the video made for this song).

Band timeline[edit]


Date Artist Album Title
1985 La Paz Old Habits Die Hard
1988 The Amy Tapes
2012 Granite
2013 The Dark and the Light
1994 Midnight Blue Take the Money and Run
1995 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Stranger in Us All
2013 Black Masquerade – Rockpalast '95
1997 Chain Eros Of Love And Destruction
2000 Cornerstone Arrival
2002 Human Stain
2003 Once upon Our Yesterdays
2005 In Concert
2007 Two Tales of One Tomorrow
2005 Liesegang / White Visual Surveillance Of Extreme
2002 Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force Attack!!
2005 Unleash the Fury
2005 M3 Rough An' Ready
2007 Empire Chasing Shadows
2009 Rata Blanca The Forgotten Kingdom
2010 Tank (Tucker/Evans) War Machine
2012 War Nation
2011 Demon's Eye The Stranger Within
2015 Under the Neon
2011 Doogie White (solo) As Yet Untitled
2011 Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock Temple of Rock (only one track)
2012 Temple of Rock: Live in Europe
2013 Bridge the Gap
2015 Spirit On A Mission
2016 On a Mission: Live in Madrid
2014 WAMI (White/Appice/Mendoza/Iggy) Kill The King
2015 Stardust Reverie Project Proclamation of Shadows
Guest sessions
Gary Hughes


Cornerstone is a hard rock band formed by former Rainbow vocalist Doogie White[11] and former Royal Hunt bassist Steen Mogensen.[12] Other musicians have been added to that core including guitarists Jacob Kjaer, Kasper Damgaard and drummer Allan Sorensen. The band has put out four studio albums and one live double compact disc release.


  • Arrival (2000)
  • Human Stain (2002)
  • Once Upon Our Yesterdays (2003)
  • In Concert (2005)
  • Two Tales of One Tomorrow (2007)[13]


  • White Noise: In The Hall of the Mountain King (2004)
  • Deep Purple Rock Review 1969–1972 (2004)
  • Inside Black Sabbath (2004)
  • Inside Rainbow (2004)
  • M 3: Rough An' Ready (2006)
  • Guitar Gods – Ritchie Blackmore (2007)
  • Rainbow: Black Masquerade - Rockpalast '95 (2013)


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