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State of New South Wales (1915–1938)

The Dooley ministry (1921–1922) or the Second Dooley ministry was the 40th ministry of the New South Wales Government, and was led by the 21st Premier, the Honourable James Dooley, MLA.

Dooley was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly in 1907, serving until 1927, when he fell out with the Labor leadership, lost Labor preselection, and stood unsuccessfully as an Independent Labor candidate for the Senate in the 1931 federal election.

Dooley served as Deputy Labor leader to Ernest Durack and then John Storey, when Labor came to power at the 1920 state election, with a majority of one. On Storey's death in 1921, Dooley became Leader and Premier, reconstituting the ministry; however, his hold in power was tenuous. Losing a motion in the Legislative Assembly, Dooley sought a dissolution from the Governor, Dooley resigned and Sir George Fuller was asked to form government. However, his ministry of 20 December lasted only seven hours and Governor Davidson recommissioned Dooley as Premier.[1]

The ministry covers the period from 20 December 1921 until 13 April 1922, when Labor led by Dooley was defeated by a Nationalist coalition, led by Fuller, at the 1922 state election.[1][2][3]

Composition of ministry[edit]

The composition of the ministry was announced by Premier Dooley on 20 December 1921 and covers the period up to 13 April 1922, when the ministry was dissolved as a result of the 1922 state election. Ministers are listed in order of seniority.

Portfolio Minister Party Term commence Term end Term of office
Colonial Secretary
Hon. James Dooley, MLA   Labor 20 December 1921 13 April 1922 114 days
Colonial Treasurer Hon. Jack Lang, MLA  
Attorney-General Hon. Edward McTiernan, MLA  
Secretary for Lands
Minister for Forests
Hon. Peter Loughlin, MLA  
Secretary for Public Works
Minister for Railways
Hon. John Estell, MLA  
Minister of Justice Hon. William McKell, MLA  
Minister of Public Instruction Hon. Thomas Mutch, MLA  
Secretary for Mines
Minister for Local Government
Hon. George Cann, MLA a  
Solicitor-General Hon. Robert Sproule, MLC  
Minister of Agriculture Hon. Bill Dunn, MLA  
Minister for Labour
Vice-President of the Executive Council
Representative of the Government in Legislative Council
Hon. Edward Kavanagh, MLC  
Minister of Public Health and Motherhood Hon. John McGirr, MLA  
Minister for State Industrial Enterprises Hon. Carlo Lazzarini, MLA  
^a Cann also served in the 39th ministry led by Sir George Fuller, comprising a Nationalist coalition.

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Dooley ministry
1921 – 1922
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