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The Doolittle maintenance and storage facility (also known as “The Wheelhouse”) is the operations management center for the line. The building is used for storage and maintenance of the Cable Liner cars, and is also the powerhouse for the system’s 12-foot (3.7 m) drive wheels, and is an essential part of Bay Area Rapid Transit's Coliseum–Oakland International Airport line.[1]


The BART to Oakland International Airport automated guideway transit (people mover) system opened in November 2014.[1] The City of Oakland proposed a station in the vicinity of Hegenberger Road and Doolittle Drive[2] as a site that would support the city's efforts to revitalize the Hegenberger Road Corridor.[1] However, since no funding was available,[citation needed] only the basic infrastructure was constructed. If additional funding is procured, the station platforms, canopies, stairs and escalators can be completed. Doolittle Station was designed as an infill station with side platforms flanking the maintenance building, above a mezzanine concourse level.

A former union house was demolished to provide space for the facility.

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Coordinates: 37°43′42″N 122°11′59″W / 37.72833°N 122.19972°W / 37.72833; -122.19972