Doolittle Maintenance and Storage Facility

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Doolittle Drive
Doolittle car barn from Hegenberger Road, March 2018.JPG
Doolittle Maintenance and Storage Facility in 2018
LocationHegenberger Drive at Doolittle Drive
Oakland, California
Coordinates37°43′42″N 122°11′59″W / 37.72833°N 122.19972°W / 37.72833; -122.19972Coordinates: 37°43′42″N 122°11′59″W / 37.72833°N 122.19972°W / 37.72833; -122.19972
Platforms2 side platforms (proposed)
Preceding station Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit Following station
Oakland International Airport
Coliseum–​Oakland International Airport
Proposed station

The Doolittle Maintenance and Storage Facility (also known as the Wheelhouse) is the operations management center for the BART Coliseum–Oakland International Airport line. The building is used for storage and maintenance of the Cable Liner cars, and is also the powerhouse for the system’s 12-foot (3.7 m) drive wheels. It was initially planned to also be a passenger station; the station was cut due to lack of funding, but may be added in the future.


Trackway at the MSF, with planned platform site at left

The Final Environmental Impact Report for the Oakland Airport Connector automated guideway transit (people mover) system, released in 2002, called for two intermediate stations on the line at Doolittle Drive and Edgewater Drive. Those stations were intended to support the City of Oakland's plans to improve development along Hegenberger Road - an area largely occupied by airport hotels and industrial businesses.[1] A November 2006 addendum removed the proposed Edgewater Drive station after transit-oriented development plans fell through, and relocated the Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) on a short spur adjacent to the Doolittle Drive station to reduce costs.[1]

By the time construction began in 2013, several additional design changes were made: the MSF was reduced in size and relocated to between the tracks, and the station at Doolittle Drive was deferred until funding was available.[2] A former union house was demolished to provide space for the MSF.[1] The Oakland Airport Connector opened on November 22, 2014 with only the two terminal stations.[3] If funding is procured, an infill station can be added at Doolittle Drive by constructing platforms, a below-track mezzanine, and stairs and elevators for access.[4]


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