Doom (album)

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Studio album by Mood
Released October 28, 1997
Recorded 1996-1997 at platinum Island studios by Vaughn Sessions
Genre Underground hip hop
Length 62:04
Label TVT/Blunt Recordings
Producer Hi-Tek
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Doom is the debut studio album by American hip hop group Mood. Released on October 28, 1997, the album features production by Hi-Tek and guest appearances by Talib Kweli and Wu-Tang-affiliated group Sunz of Man. It features one single, "Karma", whose b-side is "Cincinnati". Mood's classic Doom launched the careers of Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, and Lone Catalysts. Producer J.Rawls of Lone Catalysts is also experiencing commercial success as a soloist in Europe and Japan.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Esoteric Manuscripts" (Mood) Jahson 4:03
2. "Info For The Streets" (Mood) Hi-Tek 3:50
3. "He Is DJ Hi-Tek" (Hi-Tek) Hi-Tek 0:40
4. "Karma" (Mood) Hi-Tek 3:18
5. "The Vision" (Mood) Jahson 4:56
6. "Tunnel Bound" (Mood) Hi-Tek 4:38
7. "Nuclear Hip-Hop" (Mood, Talib Kweli) Jahson 4:18
8. "Another Day" (Mood) Jahson 3:11
9. "Sacred Pt. I" (Mood, Talib Kweli) Jahson 4:48
10. "Peddlers of Doom" (Mood, Talib Kweli) Jahson 4:59
11. "Millennium" (Mood) Hi-Tek 3:44
12. "Babylon the Great" (Jahson) Jahson 0:28
13. "Peace Infinity" (Mood, Talib Kweli) Jahson 3:50
14. "Secrets of the Sand" (Mood, Darryl Irby) Jahson 3:21
15. "Illuminated Sunlight" (Mood, Sunz of Man) Hi-Tek 5:02
16. "Industry Lies" (Mood, Reflection Eternal) Hi-Tek 2:41
17. "No Ordinary Brother" (Hi-Tek) Hi-Tek 0:32
18. "Cincinnati" (Mood, Holmskillet) Hi-Tek 3:45