Doomsday: Back and Forth Series 5: Live in Dresden

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Doomsday: Back and Forth, Vol. 5:
Live in Dresden
Live album by Skinny Puppy
Released August 21, 2001
Recorded August 20, 2000
Dresden, Germany
Genre Industrial
Label Nettwerk
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Doomsday: Back and Forth, Vol. 5: Live in Dresden
Puppy Gristle
Professional ratings
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Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Doomsday: Back and Forth, Vol. 5: Live in Dresden is a live CD from the band, Skinny Puppy. The album was recorded at an August 20, 2000 performance at the Doomsday Festival in Dresden, Germany. This performance marked the reunion of former bandmates, cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre. It was the first Skinny Puppy concert since 1992, first in Europe since 1988, and first ever in the former East Germany. Skinny Puppy resumed touring in 2004 with The Greater Wrong of the Right Tour.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Deep Down Trauma Hounds" (From Cleanse Fold and Manipulate) 4:46
2. "Love in Vein" (From Last Rights) 5:18
3. "Inquisition" (From Last Rights) 5:16
4. "Convulsion" (From Too Dark Park) 3:07
5. "Worlock" (From Rabies) 5:13
6. "Grave Wisdom" (From Too Dark Park) 3:45
7. "Killing Game" (From Last Rights) 3:51
8. "Social Deception" (From Bites) 2:58
9. "First Aid" (From Cleanse Fold and Manipulate) 5:51
10. "Testure" (From VIVIsectVI) 5:07
11. "Dig It" (From Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse) 6:18
12. "Tin Omen" (From Rabies) 4:39
13. "Harsh Stone White" (From VIVIsectVI) 4:29
14. "The Choke" (From Bites) 7:10

Original Performance[edit]

The CD is an edited version of the concert as four songs were omitted. The original concert setlist was as follows:

  1. Choralone *
  2. Deep Down Trauma Hounds
  3. Love in Vein
  4. Inquisition
  5. Hardset Head *
  6. Convulsion
  7. Worlock
  8. Grave Wisdom
  9. Killing Game
  10. Social Deception
  11. First Aid
  12. Testure
  13. Dig It
  14. Tin Omen
  15. Nature's Revenge *
  16. Harsh Stone White
  17. The Choke
  18. Smothered Hope *

* Denotes that this song was not included on the CD release.

"Hardset Head", which had never been performed live before, was to appear on the CD but was dropped at the eleventh hour due to copyright issues. It was available for download as an mp3 file on Nettwerk's website and later appeared on Back and Forth 6 in 2003.


The show was also recorded via DV video for a DVD release. Nettwerk, due to financial reasons, ultimately decided against the release.


Backing tapes were used for the rest of the music.


  • Stefen Herwig - Doomsday live show production
  • Mike Schorler & Sven Borges - Concert Promotion
  • Greg Reely - Recording & sound engineer
  • Ernst Tochtenhagen - Local stage management
  • Graf Haufen - Video footage
  • Christian Pbeck - Video production
  • Udo Strass - Video Projection
  • Alex Skull - Backline
  • Ellen Döhring - Additional backline
  • Marcus Scriba & Loki - Ogre doubles
  • Thomas Schöttler - Device coordination
  • Gunter Wessling - Device construction
  • Thomas Kuntz - Animatronic puppet creation
  • Mark Bramhill - Backup vocalist