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This article is about the hip-hop collective. For the rock band, see Steve Zing. For the doum palm tree, see Hyphaene thebaica.
Doomtree Cecil Otter, P.O.S., Mike Mictlan, Dessa, and Sims.jpg
Doomtree performing at First Avenue in 2010 (left to right: Cecil Otter, P.O.S, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, and Sims)
Background information
Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Genres Hip hop
Years active 2001–present
Labels Doomtree Records
Associated acts Gayngs, I Self Devine, Crescent Moon, Joe Mabbott, Mr. Gene Poole
Members Dessa
Cecil Otter
Mike Mictlan
Paper Tiger
Past members MK Larada
Turbo Nemesis
Tom Servo

Doomtree is an indie hip hop collective and record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The collective has seven members: rappers P.O.S, Dessa, Cecil Otter, Sims and Mike Mictlan, and producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger. The collective is known for incorporating a wide range of musical influences into their work with lyrical complexity and wordplay, and their annual "Doomtree Blowout" events held in Minneapolis venues to showcase their group performances and the Twin Cities music scene.[1]


The name "Doomtree" is a made-up word that doesn't have a meaning, according to P.O.S, who says that it has come to represent "my people and my life's work so far."[2] Members of Doomtree have described the group's formation as a gradual process.[3] The initial lineup saw P.O.S and MK Larada, friends from high school, making songs with other local artists such as Cecil Otter and Beautiful Bobby Gorgeous. Soon enough Sims and Lazerbeak, fellow Hopkins High School alumni, followed. Mike Mictlan, having also attended high school with P.O.S, became an official member when he moved back to Minneapolis from Los Angeles.[4] Dessa joined after having a chance encounter with P.O.S, who was living down the street from her at the time along with Sims, Turbo Nemesis and MK Larada.[5]

Doomtree's first official album Doomtree was released on July 29, 2008.[6]

Their second official album No Kings was released on November 22, 2011.[7]

Time magazine listed the crew as one of "11 Great Bands You Don’t Know (But Should)" in 2012.[8] 14 December 2012 was proclaimed by Mayor R. T. Rybak as "Doomtree Day in the city of Minneapolis" in conjunction with the opening night of the Doomtree Blowout 8 show at First Avenue.[9]

Doomtree's documentary film, Team the Best Team, was released as a DVD in 2012,[10] and also as a digital stream and download in 2013.[11]

On September 30, 2014, it was announced that Doomtree would have its final Doomtree Blowout, ever. Before any rumors could occur the group made it clear that they are not breaking up, however they did decide that continuing more Blowouts after this final tenth one is unnecessary. Starting on December 6, 2014 they will have ten events in eight days. The tenth Doomtree Blowout will conclude on December 13, 2014 at First Avenue.[12]

In May 2015, it was announced that Doomtree will be performing at the September 2015 edition of Boston Calling Music Festival. [13]

In July 2015, Doomtree performed at the inaugural Eaux Claires Music Festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.[14]


While P.O.S and Cecil Otter have released solo albums on other record labels (Rhymesayers Entertainment and Strange Famous Records, respectively), each of the group albums and the majority of the collective's solo work are released on their own label, Doomtree Records.[15]

Doomtree has also formed a publisher, Doomtree Press. In 2009, it put out Spiral Bound, Dessa's first book of poetry and fiction.[16]


As a group, Doomtree's sound reflects being a collective of many members with unique individual musical influences. Officially classified as hip-hop, the influences of jazz, punk rock, blues, rock, and soul can be detected throughout their music.[1] Doomtree is known for having "tangled, multihued and pointedly intellectualized lyrics"[17] with "cerebral rhymes and moody beats."[18]




  • MK Larada: producer
  • Turbo Nemesis: producer/DJ
  • Tom Servo: producer/DJ


Release date Title Formats Notes
December 16, 2007 False Hopes CD, digital download 12th False Hopes album and the 1st to feature all members of Doomtree
July 29, 2008 Doomtree CD, vinyl, digital download 1st official album
December 9, 2008 Doomtree Blowout / False Hopes 13 DVD & CD
December 6, 2009 FH:XV (False Hopes 15) CD, digital download
June 26, 2010 Doomtree Standards Mixtape CD, digital download Mixed by Paper Tiger
March 4, 2011 Affiliyated Digital download Regrind album for Gayngs
November 22, 2011 No Kings CD, vinyl, digital download 2nd official album
May 28, 2012 "Bangarang" Digital download Single
December 11, 2012 Team the Best Team DVD, digital download Documentary film
July 29, 2014 ".38 Airweight" Digital download Single
August 21, 2014 Doomtree: Every Single Day Book
January 27, 2015 All Hands CD, vinyl, digital download 3rd official album

Doomtree Blowout[edit]

Doomtree performs at First Avenue in Minneapolis in 2012.

Beginning in 2005, Doomtree has performed in annual group shows ("Blowouts") at local Minneapolis, Minnesota venues.

Blowout Date Venue Notes
Blowout 1[19] December 10, 2005 Varsity Theater
Blowout 2[20] December 2, 2006 First Avenue
Blowout 2 Jr. December 16, 2006 Triple Rock Social Club "Under 21" show
Blowout 3[21] December 14, 2007 First Avenue
Blowout 4[22] December 6, 2008 First Avenue
Blowout 5[23] December 5, 2009 First Avenue
Blowout 6[24] December 10, 2010 First Avenue
Blowout 6 December 11, 2010 First Avenue
Blowout 7[25] December 4, 2011 First Avenue Curated by Sims
Blowout 7 December 5, 2011 First Avenue Curated by Mike Mictlan
Blowout 7 December 6, 2011 First Avenue Curated by Dessa
Blowout 7 December 7, 2011 First Avenue Curated by P.O.S
Blowout 7 December 8, 2011 First Avenue Curated by Cecil Otter
Blowout 7 December 9, 2011 First Avenue
Blowout 7 December 10, 2011 First Avenue
Blowout 8[26] December 14, 2012 First Avenue
Blowout 8 December 15, 2012 First Avenue
Blowout 8 December 16, 2012 First Avenue
Blowout 9 December 12, 2013 Triple Rock Social Club All Ages
Blowout 9 December 13, 2013 First Avenue 21+
Blowout 9 December 14, 2013 First Avenue 18+
Blowout 9 December 15, 2013 First Avenue 18+
Blowout 10[27] December 6, 2014 Turf Club 21+
Blowout 10 December 7, 2014 Surly Doomtree Day All Ages
Blowout 10 December 8, 2014 Icehouse 21+
Blowout 10 December 9, 2014 Triple Rock Social Club All Ages
Blowout 10 December 10, 2014 Varsity Theater 18+
Blowout 10 December 11, 2014 First Avenue 18+
Blowout 10 December 12, 2014 First Avenue 18+
Blowout 10 December 13, 2014 First Avenue 21+


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