Doon Arbus

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Doon Arbus
Born (1945-04-03) April 3, 1945 (age 71)
New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation Writer/Journalist
Years active 1967-present
Parent(s) Allan & Diane Arbus
Relatives sister Amy Arbus

Doon Arbus (born April 3, 1945), a daughter of actor Allan Arbus and photographer Diane Arbus, is a writer and journalist.[1] Her sister, Amy Arbus, is a photojournalist. Doon was 26 when her mother committed suicide,[2] and now manages her estate.[3]

Doon Arbus was a longtime collaborator of Richard Avedon, with whom she coauthored the books Avedon: The Sixties and Alice in Wonderland: The Forming of a Company, the Making of a Play. She has written for magazines including Rolling Stone and The Nation. Arbus authored or contributed to several books about her mother, including Diane Arbus Revelations, published by Random House. She also edited and designed (with Yolanda Cuomo) Untitled by Diane Arbus, published by Aperture in 1995.

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