Door Ka Raahi

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Door Ka Raahi
Directed by Kishore Kumar
Written by Kishore Kumar
Starring Tanuja, Kishore Kumar and Ashok Kumar
Music by Kishore Kumar
Release date
Country India
Language Hindi

Door Ka Raahi is a 1971 Bollywood drama film directed by Kishore Kumar. The film stars Tanuja, Kishore Kumar and Ashok Kumar. The film is a great depiction of the directorial abilities of Kishore Kumar and his vision of the eternal world. The film strives to deliver a very strong message of humanity using the simplest possible language. Door Ka Raahi is the story of a person named "Prashant" who is on an unending journey for the wellness of society.Door ka Rahi is also all about Kishor Kumar's philosophy of life. It depicts with brilliance Kishor Kumar's inner self and the way he construed life in all its ups and downs. The movie is a metaphor that depicts the endless eternal journey of the human soul that is unaware of it destiny and has to continue with its journey to the quest of eternal unknown. Kishorda's all-time favourite "Panthi hoon main oos path ka aanth nahi jiska" and "Chalti chali je Zindagi ki safar" are the manifestation for his eternal quest. His exuberance and flamboyance were the veil for this inwardly lonely person. His lonliness and brilliance found expression in Door Ka Rahi and Door vadiyon mein kahin



Track # Song Singer(s)
1 Beqarar Dil Gaaye Jaa Kishore Kumar, Sulakshana Pandit
2 Khushi Do Ghadi Ki Kishore Kumar
3 Jeevan Se Na Haar Kishore Kumar
4 Chalti Chale Jaaye Zindagi Hemant Kumar
5 Panthi Hoon Main Us Path Ka Kishore Kumar
6 Main Ek Panchhi Matwala Re Amit Ganguly
7 Mujhe Kho Jane Do Kishore Kumar
8 Ek Din Aur Aa Gaya Manna Dey

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