Door Number 3

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Door Number 3
Industry Advertising
Headquarters Austin, Texas
Key people
Prentice Howe, President, Executive Creative Director
Karen Reiner, Vice President, Director of Account Service
Zach Cochran, Director of Media
Services Integrated Brand Development, Advertising and Media

Door Number 3 is an independent brand development and integrated advertising agency located in Austin, Texas, United States.[1] The agency is known for creating and integrating marketing that helps challenger brands topple their giants.

The agency was founded in 1994 by M.P. Mueller. Mueller is also known for her New York Times blog, Branded in their "You're the Boss: The Art of Running a Small Business" series.[2] The agency was purchased by Prentice Howe in February 2015. Prior to taking sole ownership of the company, Howe worked at Door Number 3 as Executive Creative Director from 2005-2012.

Door Number 3 relocated their offices from East Austin to 910 West Avenue in 2016.

Notable Campaigns[edit]

SH 130 Concession Company[edit]

Door Number 3’s “Can you love a road?” campaign for the SH 130 Concession Company in 2012 gained wide state recognition and was also featured in the New York Times.[3]

Cowboys Stadium Tours[edit]

Door Number 3’s “Access Granted” campaign in 2012 for the world’s largest domed sports and entertainment facility was featured in Communication Arts (magazine).[4]

The Alamo[edit]

In 2010, Door Number 3 launched “The Allies of the Alamo”, the first-ever marketing campaign for one of the country’s most cherished landmarks. The campaign was featured in Communication Arts, AdWeek and AdFreak.[5]

Cow Wow[edit]

Door Number 3’s 2010 “Heads of State” campaign for small Georgetown-based company, Cow Wow, featured six-foot terra cotta busts of Texas gubernatorial candidates Rick Perry and Bill White. The campaign gained statewide recognition and was featured on a “Stuff from Ebay” segment on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.[6][7]

The Blood Center of Central Texas[edit]

Door Number 3's campaign for The Blood Center of Central Texas was covered by Austin American-Statesman[8] and the New York Times.[9] AdWeek and AdFreak both featured Door Number 3’s work for The Blood Center of Central Texas as the Ad of the Day.[10][11]

CEDRA Clinical Research[edit]

Door Number 3’s viral marketing campaign launched in 2008.[12] In 2009 the website, was nominated for a Webby Award. It was highlighted by AdWeek as an Ad of the Day.[13]

Dallas Stars[edit]

Door Number 3’s “Come Into the Cold” campaign for the Dallas Stars played off on the roughness of hockey compared to other sports, which gained media attention from a variety of media outlets.[14]

Recent recognitions[edit]

  • 2012 Webby for “Stop the Choddy” Initiative[15]
  • 2009 Silver Addy Micro or Mini Site for CEDRA Clinical Research [16]
  • 2009 Bronze Addy Mixed Media Local Consumer for American Bank of Texas[16]
  • 2009 Bronze Addy Mixed Media National Consumer for American Bank of Texas[16]
  • 2009 Webby Award, People’s Voice for CEDRA Clinical Research[17]
  • 2009 AdWeek Ad of the Day for The Blood Center of Central Texas [10]
  • 2008 Communication Arts 50th Anniversary Issue, Campaign for Marfa Texas[18]
  • 2008 Ad Freak Ad of the Day for The Blood Center of Central Texas[11]
  • 2008 Adweek Ad of the Day for CEDRA Clinical Research [13]


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