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The Doorpost Film Project is one of the largest annual, online film festivals in the world, established by Jason Atkins with Project Director Nathan Elliott, Project Coordinator Brian Jerin, Supervising Producer Jonathan Shepard, Web developer Dana Luther, Editor Gabe Cox and Designer Will Hill.[1] It has 3 stages that take place from October through November of the following year.


2008 Winner was John Gray with his film "Before I Wake".


The 2010 Short Film Contest sponsored by the Doorpost Film Project is awarding over $160,000 in prizes.[2]


The Doorpost Film Project aims to inspire and reward aspiring and beginning filmmakers to make quality films.[3]


The Doorpost Film Project is dissolved. In accordance with Tennessee Code Title 48 for Nonprofit Corporations Chapter 64 Part 1 § 48-64-104 The Doorpost Foundation has been dissolved as of 11:59pm June 30, 2013.