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Doorstep is a online brokerage firm based in Norway.

It was established in 2000, and was meant to develop a web portal for online trade. It was a cooperation between telecommunications company Telenor and Den norske Bank. Chairman was Petter Jansen, and among the board members were Gunn Wærsted, Jon Fredrik Baksaas and Ingvild Myhre.[1][2] The goal was to create the largest market place of its kind in Norway. However the chief executive officer Knut Oppegaard quit in March 2001 and was replaced by Ann-Kristin Hageløkken. The portal had not yet been opened.[3] The plans were then significantly altered in April 2001, as the plans for online trading were cut. It shared its fate with several dot-com companies,[4] although the company would use the .no top-level domain instead of .com.[5]

The company still exists, with the purpose of "business development". Jon Fredrik Baksaas is a member of the board, which is now chaired by Rune Bjerke.[6]


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