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Coat of arms of Doorwerth
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 51°58′41″N 5°47′43″E / 51.97806°N 5.79528°E / 51.97806; 5.79528
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Renkum
Doorwerth, castle: kasteel Doorwerth

Doorwerth is a village in the eastern Netherlands. It is located in the municipality of Renkum, Gelderland, about 8 km west of Arnhem and about 100 km southeast of Amsterdam.


The valley of the Seelbeek has been in residential use since prehistoric times. The recorded history of Doorwerth started in the early middleages when a small castle was built in the Seelbeek valley and later the current Doorwerth Castle was founded. The old village grew around the castle near the banks of the river Rhine. Most of the houses of the old village near the castle were damaged during World War II, all of them where abandoned and demolished after the war. The current cores of the village were developed from 1923 onwards, when the Van der Molenallee was constructed.

Doorwerth was a separate municipality between 1818 and 1923. The grounds of this municipality extended from Heelsum, till Oosterbeek until what is now known as Wolfheze. In 1923 it became a part of the Renkum municipality.[1]

Doorwerth Castle is located south of the village, on the Rhine.

Notable people from Doorwerth[edit]


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Coordinates: 51°59′N 5°48′E / 51.983°N 5.800°E / 51.983; 5.800