Doovili Ella Falls

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Duvili Ella Falls
Duvili Ella Falls.jpg
LocationKaltota, Sri Lanka
Coordinates6°39′44.4″N 80°51′57″E / 6.662333°N 80.86583°E / 6.662333; 80.86583Coordinates: 6°39′44.4″N 80°51′57″E / 6.662333°N 80.86583°E / 6.662333; 80.86583
Total height40 metres (130 ft)
WatercourseWalawe River

Doovili Ella Falls or Duvili Ella or Walawe Ganga East Falls[1] (Sinhala: දූවිලි ඇල්ල) is a waterfall in Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka. It is located in Thanjantenna village, which is about 4 km (2.5 mi) away from Balangoda.[2] The height of the waterfalls is about 40 m (130 ft).[3] The name 'Duwili' is derived from the Sinhalese for dust, which describes the spray emanating from the waterfall.[1]

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It is located in Thanjantenna village, which is about 27 km away from Balangoda.


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