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T dopadromo.jpg
Studio album by Babasónicos
Released 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Rock
Label Sony Music
Producer Andrew Weiss
Babasónicos chronology
Trance Zomba

Dopádromo (Drug-O-Rama) is the third album by Argentine rock group Babasónicos.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Zumba" (Hum)
  2. "El Médium" (The Medium)
  3. "Cybernecia" (Cyberfool)
  4. "Safari Vixen"
  5. "¡Viva Satana!" (Long Live Satana!)
  6. "Perfume Casino" (Casino Perfume)
  7. "Calmática"
  8. "Coyarama"
  9. "Su Majestad" (Your Majesty)
  10. "Pesadilla Biónica del Perro Biónico" (Bionic Nightmare of the Bionic Dog)
  11. "Gronchótica"
  12. "Su Ciervo" (Her Deer)


*"Gronchótica" samples the main theme from Shaw Brothers studios' "The drug addicts".
  • "Safari vixen" starts with a sample from the theme from Mario Bava's film "Shock".
  • "Su Ciervo" is a play on words, as "Siervo" means "serf" or "slave", and "Ciervo", though pronounced exactly the same way, means "deer".