Doppler Studios

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Doppler Studios
Doppler Studios exterior view 01.jpg
The exterior view of Doppler Studios, as photographed from the main parking lot in January 2009
Address1922 Piedmont Circle
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States
Coordinates33°48′32″N 84°22′04″W / 33.809009°N 84.367664°W / 33.809009; -84.367664Coordinates: 33°48′32″N 84°22′04″W / 33.809009°N 84.367664°W / 33.809009; -84.367664
TypeRecording studio

Doppler Studios is a recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, established in 1969 as the one-room studio.


Founded by original co-owners Pete Caldwell and Tom Wells to serve as their jingle company, Doppler was initially a single recording studio; in 1978 the move was made to the current location on Piedmont Circle into a building housing two studios. Between 1978 and 1985, two more studios were added to the building. In 1985, a 10,000-square-foot addition was built, housing Studios E & F; Studio E was designed by George Augspurger (of Perception Inc. in Los Angeles, CA), the acoustical engineer who designed the main monitor speakers in Studios A & E and also redesigned several other rooms at Doppler. The seventh room, Studio G (also designed by Augspurger), was added in 1995.[1]

In 1996, Bill Quinn and Joe Neil purchased Doppler from Caldwell and Wells. Neil, who already operated his remote recording company Sam's Tape Truck, started as an audio engineer at Doppler. He built a second room in the original building before leaving Doppler in the late 1970s to work at Mastersound Studios, returning to Doppler in 1983 and eventually becoming Doppler's chief engineer. Quinn came to Doppler in 1973 at Neil's suggestion, and worked as an engineer until becoming studio manager in 1988.[2]

Notable recording sessions at Doppler[edit]


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