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Dor Daniel
דור דניאל
Born (1982-08-29) August 29, 1982 (age 33)
Hod HaSharon, Israel
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals, piano
Years active 2005–present
Labels Helicon Records

Dor Daniel (in Hebrew דור דניאל ) born in Hod HaSharon, Israel on August 29, 1982 is an Israeli singer, songwriter and composer.



In 2000, his debut song was "Im Haiti Eloim" (meaning If I Were God) (אם הייתי אלוהים) which found some airtime on Israeli radio. He was just 18 at the time. After his military service in the Israeli Defense Forces, Dor Daniel started a songwriting career in earnest with his catchy melodic pop and rock compositions from 2005 to 2008, writing initially for Harel Skaat, who he knew while in the Army. He also wrote for Miri Mesika, a friend of Skaat.[1][2]

But it was with the song "Ahava ktana" אהבה קטנה meaning small love) on Shiri Maimon's debut album that gained him huge fame. It was a song he had written when he was very young and forgot in a drawer alongside tens of other songs he had written. With success of "Ahava ktana", came a contract offer from Helicon Records CEO Roni Baron for a songwriting deal.[2][3] Encouraged by the success, he wrote for Idan Yaniv, Hila Zaitun, Maya Bouskilla amongst others. He also composed theme song "Time Tunnel" (מנהרת הזמן for the TV series Mean Girls (ילדות רעות) an adaptation of an American teen comedy film.

Despite earning fame as a writer, Dor Daniel saw himself first and foremost as a performing singer-songwriter and started preparing for his own debut album, but put it on hold briefly after he passed a needed surgery on his vocal cords.[3]


In April 2009 Daniel saw the release of his first album Between Dreams בין החלומות pronounced Bein chalomot. Daniel wrote and composed all the songs on the album,[4] in cooperation with songwriter Meir Goldberg (מאיר גולדברג). The album was greatly expected after the pre-released singles "Makom Letzidech" מקום לצידך meaning Place your side (late 2008) and "I wanted to" (early 2009) from the upcoming debut album proved to be very successful, put on Israeli radio playlists and both peaked at number 1 in the weekly Galgalatz charts. With the album Between Dreams, an autobiographical album after his break-up with his long-running girlfriend,[3] the title track was released as a third single, again topping the Israeli charts, and finally "Tomorrow will be fine". With these successes, Dor Daniel won the "Israeli Breakthrough Artist of the Year" by Galgalatz.

In March 2011, he released his follow-up album Ten months (עשרה חודשים), again writing and composing all the songs on the album.[1] "Calling You" קורא לך had been pre-released from the album in December 2010 reaching the top of the charts. Shortly before the album was released, another single was released, "I'm all yours" (כולי שלך).[5]

He cooperated with Idan Yaniv in the latter's album Yes love (כן לאהבה) particularly in the song "Never give up" (לא מוותר). In 2012, the Israeli Hot 3 station broadcast a docu-reality show Goldstar גולסטאר, a soccer-themed series with Dor Daniel as one of the participants of the football side.

He is preparing a third album due for release in 2014. But he has already two singles as pre-releases: "Old North" (הצפון הישן) in April 2013 and "Tmuna Mishtana" meaning Image Transition (תמונה משתנה) from his new album.



Year Album Album title
(in Hebrew)
ISR Notes
2009 Bein chalomot
בין החלומות
Between Dreams
2011 Eser chodeshim
עשרה חודשים
Ten Months


(Chart positions in Galgalatz charts)

Year Song Song title
(in Hebrew)
Music video ISR ISR
2008 Makom letzidech
מקום לצידך
Place your side
1 2 Between Dreams
2009 Rtziti
I wanted to 1 14
Bein chalomot
בין החלומות
Between Dreams
1 12
Makha ihye besede
מחר יהיה בסדר
Tomorrow will be fine
2010 Kore lach
קורא לך
Calling You 2 Ten Months
2011 Kuli shelach
כולי שלך
I'm Yours
מסתובבת בלילות
Turn night
Boe elay
בואי אליי
Come to me
2013 Hatzafon Hayashan
הצפון הישן
Old North TBA
Tmuna mishtana
תמונה משתנה
Image Transition


  • 2005: Soundtrack for short Et Effi Dofkim Rak Pa'am Ahat
  • 2012: Goal Star (TV series)


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