Dora Observatory

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Dora Observatory
Civil Dora Observatory.jpg
The building at the Dora Observatory.
Korean name
Revised RomanizationDora Jeonmangdae
McCune–ReischauerTora Chŏnmangdae

Dora Observatory is on the South Korean side of the 38th parallel. Situated on top of Dorasan (Mount Dora), the observatory looks across the Demilitarized Zone. It is the part of South Korea closest to the North. Visitors can catch a rare glimpse of the reclusive North Korean state through binoculars from the 304 square feet, 500-person capacity observatory. They will be able to see the North Korean propaganda village situated in the DMZ, a remnant of the old prosperity of the North, and can see as far as the city of Kaesong. The observatory is very close to the Third Tunnel (Third North Korean Infiltration Tunnel), a massive North Korean-dug tunnel which was planned as a pathway for invasion to the South if war had re-erupted and it had not been discovered. The Dorasan Station, also nearby, is designed to be the station that connects the railroads of the South and North one day in the future.

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Coordinates: 37°54′33″N 126°42′21″E / 37.90917°N 126.70583°E / 37.90917; 126.70583