Dora Spenlow

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Dora Spenlow
David Copperfield character
Dora Spenlow from David Copperfield art by Frank Reynolds.jpg
David falls for Dora.
Art by Frank Reynolds (1910).
Created byCharles Dickens
FamilyFrancis Spenlow (father), Clarissa Spenlow (aunt), Lavinia Spenlow (aunt), David Copperfield (husband)

Dora Spenlow is a character in the novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. She is portrayed as beautiful but childish. David, who is employed by her father, the lawyer Mr Spenlow, falls in love with Dora at first sight and marries her. She proves unable to cope with the responsibilities of married life, and is more interested in playing with her dog, Jip, than in acting as David's housekeeper. All this has a profound effect on David, but he still loves her. However, a year into their marriage she suffers a miscarriage, and her health steadily declines until she eventually dies.

Charles Dickens named his daughter Dora Annie Dickens after the character on her birth in 1850, but she died the following year at the age of eight months.