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Dora Yu (Chinese: 余慈度; pinyin: Yú Cídù; 1873–1931) was a prominent Chinese evangelist in China in the first part of 20th century. Her revival ministry was particularly efficient among cultured upper-class people.

Yu was trained in western medicine in Suzhou, and practiced briefly, doing work in Korea. She then turned to evangelism. In one of her revival meeting in Church of Heavenly Peace, Fuzhou, in 1920, a young man later called Watchman Nee, at the age of seventeen, experienced a powerful salvation and immediately consecrated himself to serve God full-time. Besides being Watchman Nee’s “spiritual mother”, Yu was also his mentor through whom he was introduced to fundamental biblical truths and to inner life experiences and apparently also converted several of the women who were important in his subsequent successes.[1]


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