Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet

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Nobita and the Animal Planet
Nobita and the Animal Planet.jpg
Japanese Release Poster
Doreamon movie : jungle mein dangal
Directed byTsutomu Shibayama
StarringNobuyo Ōyama
Noriko Ohara
Music byShunsuke Kikuchi
Distributed byToho
Release date
  • 10 March 1990 (1990-03-10) (Japan)
Running time
101 minutes (1h:41minutes)
Box office¥1.91 billion[1]
($19 million)

Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet[2] (ドラえもん のび太とアニマル惑星, Doraemon Nobita to Animaru Puranetto) is a feature-length Doraemon film which premiered on March 10, 1990 in Japan. It's the 11th Doraemon film.


It starts with Nobita seeing a mysterious pink gas at his house. He enters it and arrives at a planet where all animals that can talk. When he wakes up, he tells his dream to his friends. But they do not believe him. When back home, he sees a flower which he had taken from that planet.

The night, Nobita goes to the bathroom and discovers the mysterious pink gas for the second time. When he enters it, Nobita arrives at a forest. Without thinking, Doraemon takes Nobita when that time has a strong wind. He says that his objective is to meet with the animals. They use the bamboo copter to fly. They finally discovered a little dog at the river with a raft that blown by the wind. Nobita helps it to the city that he told. There many of people waiting for that little dog. Finally, the little dog meets with its father while that finally revealed that the name of that dog was Chippo. Nobita invited for a tea party at Chippo's family house. Chippo asked Nobita's house. He told from Tokyo, but Chippo didn't understand. But, Nobita and Doraemon needs to go home. With bamboo copter, they fly back to the pink gas.

But, they found something strange. It was a moon that was very big; it was larger than what usually seen from the earth. They finally discovered that this was a different planet. And it only can be accessed from the pink gas. After Doraemon fixes the machine, they go in the pink gas. After that, they realize they are back on earth. In the afternoon, Nobita hears from Gian that he is listening mysterious voices. When he goes back to his home, he founds that the voices are coming from the String less phone.

Nobita tells Doraemon that he can use his gadget, but Doraemon refuses. After Nobita gives him the Star Flower, Nobita, Doraemon, Shizuka and Suneo prepare for going to the Animal Planet. But Suneo wants to go with Gian. Gian comes and says that it became too long to prepare for him. After they go, they found that Chippo was in grave danger. The Nimuges had attacked their planet and captured Chippo's cousin, Romi-Chan. Doraemon gives Nobita a gadget named "Lunar Luck", which works best on unlucky people, which he was incredibly lucky as he is considered to be unlucky.

Nobita Boarded the Star Ship and goes to the Nimuges' planet. Nobita hits a nimuge and puts on his clothes. But the head realizes that some spy was with them and orders them to be lined up to be checked for as spies. Before they could reveal Nobita as the Spy, another Nimuge was revealed to be a spy working for the space police force. Asked to escort him to the cell that Romi was held in, the police turns the tables with the help of Nobita as Romi and Nobita escape just in time. The Nimuge then states their intentions, that they are an offshoot of humans who had squandered their planet's resources and resorted to scavenging to survive. One of the methods used to save what's left of nature was by transferring the animals through the teleportation gas and making them sentient, allowing them to create a new society that would respect nature. The remaining Nimuge however desired to take the planet for themselves and has prepared an invasion fleet to take and colonize the new land.

Nobita and Doraemon prepares a defense against the invaders at the dawn of the next day. Using the air cannons they were able to disable most of the ships and forced them to land as Doraemon improvises when it their guns failed to penetrate the environmental suits. Forced to retreat, the Nimuge commander orders a scorched earth attack on the forest but another fleet of ships approaches from behind. To the relief of the animals and Doraemon they are the Galactic police force who are trying to arrest these Nimuge true identity is a secret organization Team Cockroach who was led by a young man whose family harbored resentment towards the animals for living in paradise through the millennia. The Galactic police force expresses their regret for their actions and their desire to make amends with the animal planet. With the help of the Animal planet, they were able to head home back to Japan.


Character Voice
Doraemon Nobuyo Ōyama
Nobita Nobi Noriko Ohara
Shizuka Minamoto Michiko Nomura
Takeshi "Gian" Goda Kazuya Tatekabe
Suneo Honekawa Kaneta Kimotsuki
Nobita's Mom Sachiko Chijimatsu
Chippo Mayumi Tanaka
Chippo's Father Keaton Yamada
Chippo's Mother Run Sasaki
Romi Kumiko Nishihara
Utan Kiyoshi Kawakubo
Goriro's Father Masashi Hirose
Goriro Atsuko Mine
Pelican Chafurin
White Goat Eisuke Yoda
Pig Boy Yōko Matsuoka
Doctor Ryōichi Tanaka
Crow Naoki Tatsuta
Horse Masashi Sugawara
Spy Masato Hirano
Police Commander Masayuki Katō
Team Cockroach General Katsuji Mori
Team Cockroach Boss Jūrōta Kosugi
Team Cockroach Member Toku Nishio
Citizens Masako Matsubara
Naoki Bandō
Real State Agent Takeshi Watabe
Company President Osamu Katō


The film was released in Japan on 10 March, 1990. It was released in India on 17 June, 2018 on Disney Channel entitled Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and Jungle Mein Dangal.


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