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Doraji taryeong(Korean: 도라지타령) is a Korean folk song which originated from Eunyul in Hwanghae Province. However, the currently sung version is classified as a Gyeonggi minyo (Gyeonggi Province folk song), as the rhythm and the melody have changed to acquire the characteristics of it.[1]

The song is sung with semachi (fast 6
or 9
) jangdan (rhythmic structure), with occasional switch to jungmori (12
) jangdan. Like other traditional songs from Korea, it uses the pentatonic scale of jung (G), im (A), mu (C), hwang (D), and tae (E).

"Doraji" is the Korean name for the plant Platycodon grandiflorus (known as "balloon flower" in English) as well as its root.

Doraji taryeong is one of the most popular folk songs in both North and South Korea, and in China among the ethnic Koreans. It is also a well known song in Japan, by the name Toraji (Japanese: トラジ).[2]



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