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Doral is a brand of cigarette introduced in 1969 by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. It is available nationwide in the United States. Doral's current slogan is "Premium Taste, Guaranteed." An early slogan was "Taste me!" done with female voices on broadcast commercials. This was lampooned by George Carlin in his 1972 stand-up bit "Sex in Commercials". Magazine advertisements were done in comic strip format; a memorable example had a lion tamer worried about what his Doral pack sang.[1] Originally a premium brand, the cigarettes were re-branded in 1984 as a savings brand.[2] This made Doral the officially first branded cigarette to be in the value-savings market. Doral currently receives limited support from R.J. Reynolds, as Pall Mall has taken over as the company's primary discount brand.[3]

Doral had printed cigarette cards during the years 2000-2001.[4]


All are available in flip top boxes 100's.

  • Red (Full Flavor)
  • Gold (Lights)
  • Menthol (Full Flavor)


  • Kings
  • 100s


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