Doranna Durgin

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Doranna Durgin
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GenreFantasy, Romance, Science fiction

Doranna Durgin is an American author. In 1995 she won the Compton Crook Award for the novel Dun Lady's Jess.[1]

Durgin's works feature suspense elements and distinctive descriptions of animals and their behavior.


The Changespell Saga[edit]

Fantasy novels about Dun Lady's Jess, a spirited young mare, her rider Carey, and their friends.

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  3. Changespell Legacy Baen 2002 ISBN 978-0-7434-3544-4

The King's Wolf Saga[edit]

Reandn and friends.

  1. Touched by Magic Baen 1996 ISBN 978-0-671-87737-8
  2. Wolf Justice Baen 1998 ISBN 978-0-671-87891-7

Star Trek[edit]


Novels relating to the fictional universe established by Buffy and Angel:

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