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Dore Ashton (born in 1928, Newark, New Jersey) is a writer, professor and critic of modern and contemporary art.[1] She is the author or editor of more than thirty books on art, including Noguchi East and West, About Rothko, American Art Since 1945, The New York School: A Cultural Reckoning[2] and Picasso On Art.[3] Ashton has also contributed to many publications including Art Digest and worked as an art critic at the New York Times.[4][5] Ashton was one of the New York art critics who championed the New York School, whose members also included Harold Rosenberg and Barbara Rose.[6] Ashton's 1983 work on Mark Rothko, About Rothko, remains a source of much discussion about the artist.[7] Ashton's most recent book, David Rankin: The New York Years, on artist David Rankin was released in July of 2013.[8]

Ashton has received numerous awards, including Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships in 1963 and 1969,[9] the Frank J. Mather Award for art criticism from the College Art Association in 1963 and a Ford Foundation Award in 1965.[3] Ashton is a professor of art history at the Cooper Union in New York and a senior critic in painting and printmaking at Yale.[1][10] Ashton received an M.A. from Harvard University.



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