Dore Holm

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Dore Holm

Dore Holm is a small but solidly-built islet off the south coast of Esha Ness, in the west of Mainland, Shetland. It is notable for having one of the finest natural arches in the Shetland islands, giving dramatic views from the coast between Tangwick and Stenness. The island is a notable scenic feature for those making their way to the cliff walks and sea views at Eshaness. The characteristic and highly unusual shape of the arch has been compared to a horse drinking deeply from the water.

The name appears to be derived from 'door', the word 'holm' being of Scandinavian origin and meaning a small island.


Coordinates: 60°28′N 1°36′W / 60.467°N 1.600°W / 60.467; -1.600