Doreen Corkhill

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Doreen Corkhill
Brookside character
Portrayed by Kate Fitzgerald
Duration 1985–89, 1990
First appearance 27 August 1985
Last appearance 14 September 1990
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular

Doreen Corkhill (née Brogan) was a fictional character in the British soap opera, Brookside, played by Kate Fitzgerald .[1]

Introduction of the Corkhills[edit]

The Corkhills moved into number 10 in 1985. The previous two families to occupy No.10 had had an unhappy tenure there, first the Taylors with Gavin's sudden death and then Petra's miscarriage and suicide, then with the Jackson's and George's wrongful conviction for armed robbery. The Corkhill's stay was not to be a happy one either.


Unlike her laid-back husband Billy, Doreen wanted a better life for her and her family. While hard-working Billy worked each day, Doreen got the family into bigger and bigger debt. The family's debt problems became worse when Billy lost his job. When the family were threatened with repossession Doreen slept with David Howman to try to alleviate the families financial worries. Upon confessing this to Billy, he went into a rage driving around the Close churning up lawns with his car, as they had done to his to avoid the hole.

Break up with Billy[edit]

Eventually the Corkhill's financial worries became too much. Billy got involved in a robbery, causing the couple to split, with Billy later marrying Sheila Grant and moving to Basingstoke in 1990.


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