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Dorf is a fictional character created by comedy writer and performer Tim Conway. He was the main character in a series of direct-to-video films during the 1980s and 1990s. Dorf was characterized by his diminutive height (he was performed by Conway standing in a hole with fake shoes attached to his knees), toupée, toothbrush mustache, pot belly, unusual accent (modeled by Conway on a Swedish accent), and frequent pratfalls. Each film focused on a particular sport, with Dorf humorously giving instructions on the history and play of the sport.

The character was created Conway for a sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson as a horse jockey. Based on the popularity of the sketch, he produced a set of direct-to-video comedy films, each focusing on a different sport. These included:

In each, Dorf is "assisted" by Boom-Boom (Michele Smith), a mute dumb blonde, and by either the perpetually spaced-out Leonard (Vincent Schiavelli) or nerdy Waldo (Eddie Deezen), who each serve as comic foil. Other characters replace them in later entries. Dorf serves mainly as a stooge in the dialogue, with much of the humor on his part coming from his pratfalls.

Other than the main series of films, Dorf has made numerous guest appearances on talk shows, award shows and television commercials.