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Dori may refer to:



Given name, nickname or stage name
  • Dori of Yejju (died 1831), a chief of one of the tribes of the Oromo people in Ethiopia
  • Dori Arad (born 1982), Israeli footballer
  • Dori Caymmi (born 1943), Brazilian singer, guitarist, songwriter, arranger and producer
  • Dori Dorika (1913–1996), Russian-born Italian actress born Dorotea Massa
  • Izidor Kürschner (ca. 1885-1940), Hungarian footballer
  • Dori J. Maynard (born 1958), President of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education in Oakland, California
  • Dori Monson (born 1961), American radio personality
  • Dorielton Gomes Nascimento (born 1990), Brazilian footballer
  • Teodora Ruano (born 1969), Spanish retired racing cyclist
  • Dori Seda (1951-1988), artist
Last name
  • Dov Dori (born 1953), Israeli-American computer scientist
  • Franco Dori (1943–1987), Italian footballer
  • Leonora Dori (1571–1617), a favourite of Queen Marie de Médici of France; executed for witchcraft
  • Yaakov Dori (1899-1973), first Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces

Fictional or mythological characters[edit]

  • One of the dwarves in the Old Norse poem Völuspá
  • Dori (Middle-earth), a Dwarf of J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium
  • Dori and Gura, twin archers serving under Oboro in the anime and manga series Utawarerumono
  • Rainbow Girl (Dori Aandraison), a DC Comics heroine
  • Dori Duz, a minor character in the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Other uses[edit]

  • SS Dori, a cargo liner in service from 1965 to 1967
  • Dori shoes, ballet shoes that combine the toe box of a pointe shoe with a dance heel

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