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Dorika Mamboleo Beckett is an entrepreneur, healthcare executive and educational philanthropist. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Livewell Care Inc..

Early life and education[edit]

Dorika Mamboleo Beckett was born on a rural farm in Kisii, Kenya. She was the fifth of seven children born to Priscilla and Pastor Wilson Mamboleo. Although her primary education began in Kisii, she did not begin to learn English until she moved to Kenya's capital city (Nairobi) at the age of 9. She attended Moi Nairobi Girls School[1] and graduated number one in her class. As a result of her academic success, Dorika earned a scholarship to attend Walthamstow Hall School, a girls' boarding school in Seven Oaks, Kent England where she completed her A level education and again graduated number one in her class. Dorika attended Harvard College where she majored in Economics, graduated with honors and was a member of the school's record setting track relay team.[2][3][4] Three years after graduating from Harvard, Dorika returned to the University's, Allston, Massachusetts campus to attend Harvard Business School where she earned an MBA and nurtured her lifelong passion for business.


Management Consulting[edit]

After graduating from college in 1991 Dorika joined management consulting firm Monitor Consulting Group where she provided management consulting services to the company's portfolio of domestic and international clients. She progressed to the level of senior consultant and in 1994 was part of the team that was asked to help open the firm's first offices in post apartheid South Africa.

Investment Management[edit]

While attending business school, Dorika decided to redirect her career toward investment management and she became founding director of the Calvert New Africa Fund mutual fund, the first pan African open end retail mutual fund.[5][6] Additionally, during the summer of the first year of business school she worked in the London offices of investment banking firm S.G. Warburg & Co.. Upon her graduation from business school in 1996, Dorika became a partner in the New Africa Opportunity Fund, a $120 million Southern Africa focused private equity fund. As the funds telecommunications lead partner, Dorika reviewed numerous telecommunications and media related investment opportunities and led the funds investment in, and became the chairman of TV Africa the first pan African television broadcaster. She also led the investment team that facilitated the funds investment in Celtel, the first pan African mobile phone company.

In 2000, Dorika left the fund and with her husband Justin Beckett founded Vizx Corporation, a boutique media and healthcare focused private equity firm. Vizx Corporations portfolio of investments include: Music Gaming Inc. which was sold to Intermix/Myspace in 2001,[7][8] SkillJam Technologies Inc. which was sold to Liberty Media subsidiary Fun Technologies in 2008,[9][10] LiveWell Care, Inc and BTV247, Inc., and in 2004, Fluid Music Inc. (now Mood Media Inc. [TXS:MM, LSE:MM]) which IPO'd on the Toronto Stock Exchange.[11]

Healthcare Management[edit]

In 2004, VIZX corporation acquired healthcare staffing agency GNO Healthcare, currently LiveWell Care Inc., with Dorika as Chief Executive Officer. In 2005, GNO Healthcare became a franchise of the ATC Healthcare Corporation where it has become the largest and fastest growing franchisee.[12] Currently, LiveWell Care, Inc. has evolved into a profitable, multimillion-dollar healthcare services company with three operating subsidiaries: ATC West (healthcare staffing), LiveWell Assisted Living [13] [14] and LiveWell Private Care (in-home care services). The Joint Commission has formally accredited Livewell's ATC West subsidiary, the highest distinction for quality standards awarded in the healthcare industry. [15] [16] [17]

Educational philanthropy[edit]

In 2003, Dorika founded and became Chairman of the ImaniBaraka Foundation, a tax exempt non profit charity focused on funding educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged children. She also began advising her Alma Mater, Kenya's Moi Nairobi girls' school where she has endowed several scholarships, developed an alumni student mentorship program and been a commencement speaker.

In 2010, Dorika co-founded the Families Serve Mission, an organization dedicated to improving the infrastructure of third world schools through short term family lead mission trips. In 2011, Dorika accepted an invitation to join the board of trustees of the Westside Neighborhood School in Los Angeles, CA.

A long time benefactor of clean water charity Generosity Water, Dorika's career achievements were recognized by the organization during their December 2014 Night of Generosity celebration.

Board memberships[edit]

Dorika currently serves as a board member for the following organizations:

GNO Healthcare
VIZX Corporation[permanent dead link]
Engage Play Technologies
ImaniBaraka Foundation
Westside Neighborhood School


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