Doring River

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Doring River
Country South Africa
Province Western Cape
 - location NE of Ceres
Mouth As Oudrif River
 - location Confluence
 - elevation 44 m (144 ft)
 - coordinates 31°52′26″S 18°38′23″E / 31.87389°S 18.63972°E / -31.87389; 18.63972Coordinates: 31°52′26″S 18°38′23″E / 31.87389°S 18.63972°E / -31.87389; 18.63972
Location of the Doring/Oudrif River mouth

The Doring River (Afrikaans: Doringrivier) is a river in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. It is part of the Olifants/Doring River system.[1]

The name 'Doring' is also applied to a stretch of the Sout River, another Olifants tributary, midway through its course.[2]


It originates northeast of Ceres and joins the Olifants River near the town of Klawer as the Oudrif River after the confluence with the Koebee River. Tributaries include the Tankwa River, Riet River, Wolf River and Brandewyn River.[3]


The Clanwilliam Yellowfish (Labeobarbus capensis), a local endemic species classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, is still found in the Doring and other rivers of its basin.[4]

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