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The Dorinha Jeans Wear logo
The owner of Dorinha Jeans Wear "When Hard Work Meets Opportunity"
Model: Dorinha Girl Gala wearing Dorinha Jeans in the Vancouver street alley
Dorinha Girl Gala wearing Dorinha Jeans standing in the courtyard

Dorinha Jeans Wear is a clothing company and label based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dale R. Reynolds is the company's co-owner, marketing director and promotional/fashion photographer.[1]

The label has been featured in the Canadian media for its wide selection of low-rise jeans,[2] although it also carries more limited swimwear, leisurewear, lingerie and accessories lines.[3] The jeans are manufactured in Brazil[4] from Brazilian cotton, and feature "The Original One Inch Zipper."[5]

Dorinha Jeans Wear has its own stable of models, the Dorinha Girls who appear regularly in the label's various websites, television and radio spots, fashion shoots and fashion shows.[6]


Founded in 2001, the company is named after its founder and clothing designer, Dorinha, who in 2005 was a Featured Entrepreneur at the British Columbia Forum for Women Entrepreneurs' Annual Gala Dinner.[7] Vancouver Fashion Week awarded Dorinha as the International Rising Designer 2006 award.

The Original One Inch Zipper[edit]

The first one-inch zipper was created by YKK in 2001 for Dorinha Jeans clothing line the original inventor of the one inch zipper, they also made a one click zipper to prevent themselves from being bumped off as "the worlds smallest zipper”. The zipper itself actually made one click, and locked into place.


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