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Native name: Deoirinis
Dorinish is located in island of Ireland
Location Atlantic Ocean (Clew Bay)
Coordinates 53°48′44.68″N 9°40′17.65″W / 53.8124111°N 9.6715694°W / 53.8124111; -9.6715694Coordinates: 53°48′44.68″N 9°40′17.65″W / 53.8124111°N 9.6715694°W / 53.8124111; -9.6715694
Province Connacht
County Mayo
Population 0

Dorinish (Irish: Deoirinis) is an uninhabited island in Clew Bay in County Mayo, Ireland.


Artists on Dorinish island, summer 2001
Map of Dorinish Island

The island was previously owned by John Lennon, who purchased the island in 1967 for £1,700. Previously used by sailing ships for its stones, the island became a place of peace for Lennon and his family. After his divorce from wife Cynthia, the island went unused until Lennon invited "King of the Hippies" Sid Rawle to establish a commune on the island in 1970. For the next two years, a group of 25 hippies called Dorinish home. In 1972 a fire burned down the island's supply tent and the commune disbanded. After Lennon's death, Yoko Ono sold the island for nearly £30,000 and donated the proceeds to an Irish orphanage. Dorinish is now used as a grazing site for livestock and is sometimes visited by enthusiastic Beatles fans. An artists' summer school "Aerial Blue" was held on the island in July 2011.[1]


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