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The Doris Bither case, also known as the Entity hauntings, was an alleged haunting which occurred in 1974 at Los Angeles, California where a woman named Doris Bither alleged the ghosts of three men were raping her. The case inspired Frank De Felitta's 1978 book The Entity which was made into a 1982 film of the same name starring Barbara Hershey.[1]


Doris Bither, a mother of 4 children, had contacted paranormal investigators Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor who came to investigate on August 22, 1974.[2] Bither alleged that she was attacked and raped by an invisible entity which she believed were the spirits of three men. She claimed two would hold her down while the third raped her. Taff claimed to have photographed orbs during the investigation. Bither had a history of physical and substance abuse. She had been in multiple abusive relationships and had a traumatic childhood. Investigators noticed there was a poor relationship between Doris and her four sons. The home was in poor condition and had been condemned twice.[3][4]

Taff claimed to have photographed orbs and said the frequency and intensity of attacks decreased with time.[5] Bither died in 1995 of pulmonary arrest.[6]

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