Doris Piserchia

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Doris Piserchia
BornDoris Elaine Summers
(1928-10-11) 11 October 1928 (age 90)
Fairmont, West Virginia
SpouseJoseph John Piserchia

Doris Piserchia (born Doris Summers,[1] October 11, 1928 in Fairmont, West Virginia) is an American science fiction writer who was born and raised in West Virginia. She served in the United States Navy from 1950 to 1954 and after that received her Master's in educational psychology. She did not begin publishing until 1966. Her stories have an interest in aliens and have been termed "darkly comic" by admirers. Despite her military experience, age, and preference for older SF, she is often associated with the New Wave. Related to that she has a story in The Last Dangerous Visions. She has also been of interest to those in Feminist science fiction.[2]

She has not published any work since 1983,[3] shortly before her adult daughter died suddenly, leaving her with a three-year-old granddaughter to raise.[1]


  • Mr. Justice (1973)
  • Star Rider (1974)
  • A Billion Days of Earth (1976)
  • Earthchild (1977)
  • Spaceling (1978)
  • The Spinner (1980)
  • The Fluger (1980)
  • Doomtime (1981)
  • Earth in Twilight (1981)
  • Blood County (1982) [as by Curt Selby]
  • I, Zombie (1982) [as by Curt Selby]
  • The Dimensioneers (1982)
  • The Deadly Sky (1983)


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