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× Doritaenopsis
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File:Orchid X Doritaenopsis 'Dorado' Flower
Scientific classification
× Doritaenopsis

Doritaenopsis, abbreviated Dtps.[1] in the horticultural trade, is an intergeneric hybrid between the orchid genera Doritis and Phalaenopsis (Dor × Phal). Any Phalaenopsis which has even a single occurrence of Doritis in its background is still registered as Doritaenopsis.[2]

A Doritaenopsis and a Phalaenopsis will appear to the casual observer as the same orchid. And they are cultured the same, except that the spikes should not be automatically cut as they will often use the same main spike for a second blooming. The Doritis brings more flowers, flowers that last well into summer, sharper colors, and often multiple spikes. The tradeoff is slightly smaller flowers.[3]

Doritis has NOT been reclassified by RHS according to this reference guide from the RHS site [4] reviewed June 2014. This reclassification attempt may have been premature, as Doritis has also been crossed with some Vandaceous hybrids such as ASCOVANDORITIS (Asvts.) and DORICENTRUM (Dctm.).[5] So the Doritaenopsis Intergeneric Hybrid name is still valid.

There are some that want the change. Taiwan's Council of Agriculture on 2013-05-23 announced permission to label Doritis pulcherrima as Phalaenopsis [6] And The Late Dr. Eric Christenson [7] did reclassify Doritis into phalaenopsis in his paperback "Phalaenopsis: A Monograph.".[8]


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