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Tolkien's legendarium character
Race Men
Gender male
Book(s) The Children of Húrin,
The Silmarillion

In J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, Dorlas was a Man of the Folk of Haleth in the First Age. He was the father of Avranc.

Dorlas was a close friend of Hardang of the Haladin, a pretender for the Chieftainship of Brethil. Consequently, he was displeased with the election of Brandir the Lame and his rule, being more eager for open battles with Orcs rather than maintaining secret warfare. Dorlas was the leader of the companies of woodmen who still hunted the enemies on the borders of the forest, and was among those saved by the valour of Túrin Turambar when he first arrived in Brethil, becoming one of his closest friends.

He urged Turambar to return to battles after marrying Níniel, and Túrin submitted when Dorlas's men were worsted in the battle with Orcs sent by Glaurung. In the attempt to slay the Dragon Dorlas was the first to stand forth and join Turambar, and he scorned Brandir for being unable to protect his people. He was rebuked by Hunthor, who also warned Dorlas lest his heart would fail him.

And thus it indeed befell, for Dorlas dreaded fording the races of Taeglin and deserted Túrin. He was found "skulking in the woods" by Brandir returning after witnessing the deaths of Turambar and Níniel. Brandir accused him of bringing the Dragon on Brethil by setting at naught his counsels and leading Hunthor, Túrin and Nienor to death. Dorlas due to his shame became wrathful and tried to kill the Chieftain, but was slain himself, the only blood ever spilled by Brandir.

Other versions of the legendarium[edit]

In a late note Tolkien proposed to change the names of Dorlas and his son Avranc to Darlas and Daruin, respectively, suggesting a meaning of dar in the tongue of the Folk of Haleth as 'mastery, lordship'.