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Dormitoryo title card.jpg
Title card
Also known as The Dormitory
Developed by Robert Villela
Written by
  • Jules Dan Katanyag
  • Borj Dana
  • John Kenneth de Leon
  • Liberty Trinidad
  • Ma. Acy Ramos
Directed by Jun Lana
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Tagalog
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Mona Coles Mayuga
Location(s) Tagaytay City, Philippines
Cinematography Mackie Galvez
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) GMA Entertainment TV
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release September 22 (2013-09-22) – December 22, 2013 (2013-12-22)

Dormitoryo (International title: The Dormitory / lit. Dormitory) is a 2013 Philippine television drama suspense thriller series broadcast by GMA Network. Directed by Jun Lana, it stars Lauren Young, Joyce Ching, Enzo Pineda, Ruru Madrid and Wynwyn Marquez. It premiered on September 22, 2013 and worldwide on September 29, 2013 on GMA Pinoy TV. The series concluded on December 22, 2013 with a total of 13 episodes.

Set in the fictional Holy Spirit Manor, the series follows the life of Hazel Mendoza (played by Young), an inquisitive college student and her quest to know the truth behind the death of Maika Benitez (played by Marquez).

The show explores several relevant issues faced by the youth, including bullying, peer pressure, dysfunctional relationships, rivalry, infidelity, vague sense of morality and even crime.


Hazel Mendoza is a freshman Mass Communication student at Branwood College and resident at the Holy Spirit Manor — the same dormitory where her half-sister Maika died. she developed friendship with the other dormers but made a rivalry between the Popular Girls, Burn helps him in discovering the dark secrets of branwood College as she begins to piece together the truth about Maika's tragic demise. Will she suffer the same fate as her sister had gone?

Cast and characters[edit]

Lauren Young portrays Haze Mendoza.
Ruru Madrid portrays Charlie Chavez.
Yassi Pressman portrays Sophie.

Main cast[edit]

An eighteen-year-old freshman, a MassCom student at Branwood College and the newest dormer of Holy Spirit Manor. She is a kind, sensitive and a loner girl. The death of Maika Benitez intrigues her and believes that the death of Maika Benitez is not accidental but it is because of a foul play and became the focus of her attention. In the process, Hazel crosses paths with Burn Chavez, Maika's alleged "secret lover". Burn eventually develops feelings for Hazel—making her the main target of some girls in the campus. She revealed herself to be Maika Benitez's younger half-sister (whom she loved dearly) and explained that she change her last name to cover her identity and to find out her sister's alleged murderer. Later after the unfortunate events of revelation, she died because Airiz choked her with an axe. And her spirit haunts Airiz to revenge until Airiz died because of an accident on the bridge where Maika died.[1]
The main suspect in the series, the nineteen-year-old, third-year Sports Science major and Branwood's heartthrob varsity player with a dark secret. Burn used to have a secret relationship with Maika—which makes him one of the possible suspects in the latter's murder that took place in Holy Spirit Manor. As Burn tries to help Hazel solving the case, he eventually develops feelings for her. he is proved to be innocent in all the killings in the campus, he is protective, brave and somewhat passive-aggressive person. He died because of Airiz drove a car to kill him because he can't take away his feelings for Hazel.
The show's primary antagonist and the real Campus Killer. She is bitter & depressed because her family neglected her most. As a freshman, she is called loser and nerd and she had no friends before. A Nineteen-year-old "Queen Bee" of her clique and the most popular girl in the campus. She is also the president of the Holy Spirit Manor dormers council. Airiz is mean-spirited, bitter, cold, a flirt and a certified attention whore—she is quite a snazzy dresser and loves to be at the heart of a scandal. She has a huge crush on Burn Chavez. Burn's attraction towards Hazel Mendoza drives her to torment the latter, Like what she did to her sister, Maika. In the second to the last episode, it was revealed that she is the killer in the Holy Spirit Manor. She is killed by Hazel's spirit by pushing her off the bridge where Maika died [2] [3]
A seventeen-year-old freshman MassCom student, Hazel's batchmate, and Burn's younger smart and secretive, boy-next-door and a horror movie fanatic, Charlie is an aspiring photographer, film director and loves stalking girls capturing them using his camera. Charlie also develops feelings for Hazel and becomes his brother's rival to her.
Branwood's former "it girl", the diva of her clique, and the most popular girl in the campus who supposedly committed suicide at the Holy Spirit Manor. The series' main lynchpin; plot revolves around the mystery of her death. Maika died a year prior to the beginning of the series. She is Hazel Mendoza/Hazel Benitez's older sister. She killed Gemma in an accident.[4][5]
  • Wynwyn Marquez as Danica Benitez
Maika's bitter twin sister and Hazel's half-sister. At first, she haunts them and acted like Maika. But eventually revealed as Danica. She probably wants to get revenge to Hazel, because of Maika's death.

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Mayton Eugenio as Weng Demagiba
Hazel's snappy roommmate who believes that Maika's ex-boyfriend Burn Chavez was the one who pushed Maika in committing suicide.
  • Annicka Dolonius as Janet Pulido
Airiz de Ocampo's friend and used to be Maika's Best Friend; one of the mean girls. Janet always appears into Hazel's dreams and imaginations as warning when she was killed by Rose.
A suicidal and bipolar friend of Maika and Airiz; and becomes psychopathic after killing Janet, she is one of the mean girls. Later confined to Ulysses Mental Hospital.
  • Mel Kimura as Mrs. Rona Sancuevas
The Holy Spirit Manor's strict supervisor and used to guide Hazel in her journey. To protect the dormers and the place, she planned to kill Airiz but later she was the one killed.
A two-faced but a caring friend of Hazel, She pushed Hazel to join the contest; She has a phobia of crimes. (Plan coordinated by Airiz, Danica, and Rose, but only Airiz left out so the plan did not push through.)
The inspector who will help Hazel and Burn to solve the case for the death of Janet and Maika.
The perky and care-free, comedic leader council of the beauty pageant.
Hazel's loyal and caring cousin and friend.
  • Christian Ramirez as Jude
Burn's jokester sidekick and close friend. He has a huge crush to Rose, but later stabbed to by Rose whom he called 'weird'.
New student and dormer, who wants to join Maika's clique, but later killed by Maika.
The psychopathic doctor in Ulysses Mental Hospital wherein Rose is her client.



The idea for the series was conceived when GMA Network wanted to put "something new" on their Sunday-afternoon block, which traditionally dominated with either teeny bop series or showbiz-oriented talk shows. And so, the network's drama department decided to "try something different on that block." Jun Lana wanted a show that represent "Generation X" and explore some relevant issues faced by the youth today, including bullying, peer pressure, dysfunctional relationships, infidelity, sibling rivalry, vague sense of morality, dishonesty and even crime. So he decided to come up with an edgy teen series with mystery-filled plot, twists and turns, wherein the lead characters deal with the controversial death of a colleague and peel away secrets that link them with each other. Lana presented the concept and the network found it to be interesting. The show is set in the fictional dormitory—the Holy Spirit Manor. The series creator had to decide on whether the setting should be inside a school or outside of it. It went through the approval and timeslot matching stages.[6]


The cast was announced during the story conference held in August 2013, with the main cast being Lauren Young together with Joyce Ching, Enzo Pineda, Ruru Madrid and Wynwyn Marquez. The lead role Hazel Mendoza was originally intended for singer-actress Julie Anne San Jose,[7] but the network pulled her out for another TV project.[8] Lauren Young was chosen to replace San Jose for the said role,[9] while the antagonist Airiz de Ocampo, the role which originally intended for Young, went to Joyce Ching.[10] Enzo Pineda and Ruru Madrid were cast as Burn and Charlie Chavez, brothers and Hazel's love interests.[11]


The series was supposed to premiere in August but it needed some "fine-tuning" before getting the go-signal to tape the pilot episode. Production began in September 4, 2013. The entire series was shot in Tagaytay City.[12] The dormitory, (as well as the school) used in the show is actually Divine Word Seminary—a seminary retreat house located also in Tagaytay City.[13] The series premiered on September 22, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. timeslot. Dormitoryo is slated to run for only one season, comprising thirteen episodes. But according to Ali Nokom-Dedicatoria, the show's program manager, "[...] if the ratings are good, we can extend it and do another 'dormitoryo' story (it could take another genre)."[14]


According to AGB Nielsen Philippines' Mega Manila household television ratings, the pilot episode of Dormitoryo earned a 16.5% rating.[15] While the final episode scored a 9.6% rating.[16]

International broadcast[edit]



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