Dornbirner Ach

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Dornbirner Ach
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Physical characteristics
Main source Vorarlberg
River mouth Lake Constance
Coordinates: 47°29′55″N 9°40′31″E / 47.4985°N 9.6754°E / 47.4985; 9.6754
Basin features
Progression RhineNorth Sea

The Dornbirner Ach (also called Dornbirner Ache) is a stream in Vorarlberg, Austria, with its source in the mountains near the Alpine village Ebnit. It flows through one of the largest and most gorgeous gorges in Central Europe, the Rappenloch Gorge[permanent dead link], down to Dornbirn, cuts through the town and the meanders off over a broad meadow landscape, the Lauterach Ried, finally flowing, parallel and quite close to the mouth of the Rhine, into Lake Constance.