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Also known as DornenReich
Origin Austria
Genres Melodic black metal, avant-garde metal,[1] ambient music, neofolk (present)
Years active 1996-present
Labels Prophecy Productions

Dornenreich (up to Bitter ist's dem Tod zu dienen known as DornenReich) is a melodic black metal band from Austria, founded in 1996. Alongside their initial metal sound, Dornenreich also regard their music as being neofolk influenced.[2] They have released eight full-length albums on Prophecy Productions.


Thomas "Valñes" Stock founded the band in 1996 and choose "Dornenreich" as the name due to the various possible interpretations ("Realm of thorns" or "Full of thorns"). Jochen "Evíga" Stock joined the band during 1996 and they started to write the first songs. In April 1997 Moritz "Gilvan" Neuner completed the line-up but left after the release of Her von welken Nächten. Four years after this, the album Hexenwind was released. Originally, it was planned to be a double album, together with the latter released Durch den Traum. Thomas Stock quit the band in April 2006 to concentrate on his musical project "Eyas". Jochen Stock confirmed that Thomas "Inve" Riesner would be the new member of the band. Riesner already played the violin on Her von welken Nächten. In 2007, Dornenreich played at Summer Breeze and documented this concert with ten cameras for the upcoming DVD Nachtreisen. After the album In Luft geritzt's release in 2008, the new album Flammentriebe will tie in with Her von welken Nächten.


  • Jochen Stock (a.k.a. Evíga) - vocals, guitar, bass, tambourine (1996—present)
  • Thomas Riesner (a.k.a. Ínve) - violin (2006—present)
  • Moritz Neuner (a.k.a. Dragomir or Gilván) - drums (1997–2001, 2009—present)

Former members[edit]

  • Thomas Stock (a.k.a. Valñes or Dunkelkind) - vocals, keyboards (1996–2006)



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