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Parish church

Dornock is a small Scottish village in Dumfries and Galloway, situated about one mile west of Eastriggs and two miles east of Annan. Dornock is built on land which is 10 to 20 metres above sea level. Dornock Burn runs east of the village and the railway between Annan and Gretna is north of the village. The mud and sand banks of the Solway Firth are less than one mile away to the south.

The name Dornock is either from Cumbric durn + -ǭg or Gaelic dòrnach, meaning 'place of handstones (fist-sized stones)', i.e. stones used as projectiles, or perhaps as cobbles.[1] Watson suggests that the [k] in the current pronunciation may imply a Cumbric rather than Gaelic origin.[2]


It is famous for the Battle of Dornock during the Wars of Scottish Independence.

Proposed station at Eastriggs


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  • Ordnance Survey Landranger Map (number 85)
  • Ordnance Survey Explorer Map (number 323) - 1:25,000 scale (2.5 inches to 1 mile)

Stapleton Tower house.

Coordinates: 54°58′59″N 3°12′07″W / 54.983°N 3.202°W / 54.983; -3.202